In late 2014, WordPress 4.1 added a Recommended Plugins tab that takes into account the plugins you have installed and suggests plugins based on which ones are commonly used together. After nearly a year and a half since it was added, I asked the Tavern’s Twitter followers if they have ever installed plugins recommended by WordPress.

I was surprised to discover that some people don’t know the tab exists.

Steve Brown says the recommendations are useful.

Some people view the page as an opportunity for Automattic to advertise its plugins while others don’t trust the recommendations.

When I viewed the recommended plugins page in 2014, the results displayed plugins that weren’t updated in years.

Plugins Recommended To Me Based on Data of Sites with Similar Plugins InstalledPlugins Recommended To Me Based on Data of Sites with Similar Plugins Installed

Today, the page displays more relevant results with recently updated plugins. On the first page of results for WP Tavern, only one plugin from Automattic is recommended. The second page of results doesn’t list any plugins authored by Automattic.

Recommended Plugins in 2016Recommended Plugin Results in 2016

To help determine how useful the recommended plugins page is, I’d like you to take this short survey. Results will be displayed on Tuesday, May 17th. In addition to the survey, you can leave your feedback in the comments.

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